Before Your Appointment

  • If you shave, allow your hair to grow for at least 2 weeks before your appointment.

  • We will trim your hair if necessary.

  • 24-48 hours before your appointment, exfoliate the area to be serviced.

  • It's perfectly fine to sugar or wax while you are on your period, although some women may experience greater sensitivity during this time. Should you choose to get a service while on your period, please insert a fresh tampon before arrival.

  • You may take over-the-counter pain medication before your appointment.

  • Avoid sunbathing and tanning beds for 24 hours before your appointment.

  • Skin that is sunburned, cracked, or irritated can not be sugared or waxed.

  • If you are taking the medication Accutane you can not be sugared or waxed.

  • Discontinue use of all prescription acne medications and anti-aging products, such as Retin-A or Differin, for at least 1 week before any face-related sugaring or waxing appointment.

immediately AFtER appointment

It is normal for your skin to be sensitive and irritated immediately following your appointment. Your skin will return to normal in 24-48 hours. You will experience far less irritation once you are on a regular schedule of sugaring or waxing every 3-5 weeks.

While your skin is showing signs of irritation, please follow these guidelines:

  • No hot showers or baths (lukewarm showers are okay).

  • Avoid rigorous exercise that could cause friction or sweat in a recently treated area.

  • Avoid sexual activity after bikini sugaring or waxing.

  • A cool compress can be used to calm irritated skin.

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing so treated area(s) can breath.

  • No swimming.

  • Avoid heat sources such as saunas, tanning beds, steam rooms, and sunbathing.

  • Do not exfoliate, or use any alpha-hydroxy acids, in treated area(s).

after 48 hours

  • Daily exfoliation will help prevent ingrown hairs. But avoid using any body scrub that contains oil. Oils have a tendency to clog hair follicles—leading to more ingrown hairs.

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids can also be used to treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

  • SugarPop offers a variety of aftercare treatments to help ensure your skin is smooth and clear between appointments. Treatments include: High Frequency Therapy, PFB Vanish, Finipil antiseptic lotion, and Supracor bath mitts. Your esthetician will provide professional recommendations tailored specifically to your needs.

  • For best results, book your next appointment in 3-5 weeks.

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